Pea Coats for Women

When the weather is brisk, women’s pea coats are an excellent choice for keeping warm and making a fantastic fashion statement at the same time. The pea coat jacket is a heavy double-breasted coat that is often manufactured from wool. It is also known as a pea jacket and occasionally referred to as a pilot jacket.

It was originally worn by sailors serving in the European Navy in the 18th century for the purpose of keeping warm. It first manifested itself as a dark blue pea coat, so dark that it was practically black, with wide lapels that reached all the way around to protect the wearer’s ears and neck.

According to a well-known legend, the first person to wear a pea coat was a young man who enlisted in the British army and received it as a gift from the farmer who had raised him. It was crafted out of the wool of his very own sheep, whom he named Pauline, Eleanor, and Andrew. The soldier who wore it gave it the name “P.E.A. coat,” and the term persisted over time. This is especially true considering that his superior officers took a liking to the construction of the jacket and requested that more be created.

According to a second version of the tale, the name of the jacket comes from the Danish word “pijjeker,” which means “pilot cloth” and refers to the sort of fabric that was used to manufacture the garment. It ultimately morphed into the more well-known pea coat and is now sold in large quantities as pea jackets specifically designed for ladies.

The Best Places to Look for Women’s Pea Coats

Army surplus stores are still a good place to seek for a conventional men’s pea coat if you are looking for one of these. In spite of the fact that it has traditionally been reserved for men, pea coats are now available for women. These coats are sometimes referred to as Jackie O jackets, after the previous first lady who was responsible for popularising the style. Designers have given it some thought with the goal of modernising it while preserving its timeless appearance.

The Many Styles of Women’s Pea Coats

A lighter fabric was used because the first iteration was designed to withstand the cold and wind while the wearer was standing on ship decks. Additionally, some of the coats became single-breasted, and in addition to the traditional navy colour, a wider range of colours became available, including bright red and tartan. Ruffles can be found on some jackets, and belts are also sometimes used as an embellishment on pea coats for ladies. There are also pea coats with hoods designed specifically for women that may be purchased. For the females who are on a tighter budget, there are also options for affordable pea coats for women.

It is common knowledge that women who wear pea jackets exude an air of posh and refinement to everyone around them. Even if the fabric that is used now is lighter than the fabric that was originally used, these winter clothes nevertheless provide appropriate protection from the cold, which is why they are so popular.

Pea coats are extremely versatile outerwear items that can be worn with a wide variety of bottoms and tops, including skinny jeans, dress slacks, casual pants, and even over skirts. Pea coats for women are a great choice for those who want to develop their own unique style. There is also a selection of women’s and juniors’ pea coats available for those fashion-forward children who want their parents to look like they are wearing the same thing.

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