Extreme Max UNIPLW50 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow Review

When you need to move heavy snow with your ATV, you’ll need a high-quality, long-lasting snow blade you can rely on. The Extreme Max UNIPLW50 UniPlow One-Box ATV plow makes moving snow straightforward and is also simple to install on your ATV.

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Affordability of Experience

At $396.27, the Extreme Max UNIPLW50 UniPlow comes with everything you need to connect the plow to your ATV in one package. This model has a 50 grade steel wear bar (2-sided, 3/16 inch), grade 8 bolt attachments, 50 grade gusseting, a one-piece blade, and adjustable skid pads. All plow pieces are powder coated for long-lasting durability, which is a big plus for ATV riders who live in snowy areas.

Installation Is Quick And Easy

The Extreme Max UNIPLW50 UniPlow attaches immediately behind the ATV frame’s front wheels, giving you the most control and power for moving snow and other materials. This plow kit fits Polaris Sportsman, square, and round frames and includes all essential hardware for installation. The Uni-Plow, weighing 95 pounds, comes with a one-year guarantee and is made in the United States.

Advantages You Can Enjoy

The UniMount fits most ATVs, including up to 90% of those on the market today. This is the most important advantage for most ATV owners. Gone are the days when you had to buy all of the mounting gear, the plow, and tubing individually. The Extreme Max UNIPLW50 UniPlow is the first step in saving time and money when installing a plow to your ATV. Aside from the ideal fit, the following characteristics are included:

  • Adjustable blade angle: The blade rotates on a spring-loaded pin and has six settings, making it simpler to move snow in difficult spots.
  • One-Piece Blade: The plow is made of one piece for maximum durability. This plow blade is 16″ high and offers 50″ of high steel plowing power. It is corrosion resistant and eliminates the unpleasant squeaky sounds of a loose multi-piece plow.
  • Winch lift: For the lifting operation required during heavy snow removal, the Extreme Max UNIPLW50 UniPlow pairs well with the Extreme Max Bear Claw ATV Winch ( offers up to3600lbs lift capacity)

Should I get the UniPlow for my four wheeler?

Every ATV rider, particularly those with some experience, recognizes the importance of long-lasting attachments and durability. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with damaged mounting parts or subpar components.

The Extreme Max UNIPLW50 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow provides the strength and reliability required for activities in heavy snow and very cold weather, in my opinion. You have nothing to lose by acquiring this plow except the frustration of figuring out how to clear a passage from your driveway to the main road during severe weather.

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