Electric Fireplace Heater: Why You Should Invest in One

People may have encouraged you to use electric fireplace heaters in your homes and apartments, but no one ever gives you the most crucial reasons to do so. There are sound reasons to choose an electric fireplace warmer over a gas or wood fireplace.

1. Economical value. The most obvious reason to purchase an electric fireplace heater is to save money, which is wasted with gas fireplaces. An saves a lot of money since an average 400 square foot room costs $0.08 per hour to run and heat. All of the heat will be directed into your interior area rather than out the chimney, as is characteristic with a traditional fireplace. If you use logs instead of gas, an electric fireplace offers an advantage over them as well. When you walk out of the room, you can simply switch off the electric fireplace heater, which is clearly not possible with logs.

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