Choosing the Best Snow Plow for your Lawn Tractor

Is it really essential to have both a lawn tractor and a snow plow if you live in a snowy area? No, there’s no need to attempt to squeeze two of these powerful machines into your barn or garage.

Most lawn tractor manufacturers provide modifications that convert your tractor or lawnmower into a snow plow. We have discussed the greatest four wheeler plows, however this post is about lawn equipment blade attachments.

There are also a number of universal plow accessories on the market. Although it is not a straightforward one-step operation, your tractor may be converted in a matter of minutes.

Let’s take a look at why more and more people are buying this attachment, as well as two of the most popular ones available today. Finally, we’ll evaluate which snow plow is ideal for lawn tractors.

Why Do People Prefer to Buy a Lawn Tractor Snow Plow Attachment?

There are various reasons why individuals choose an attachment over buying a separate snow plow or using a shovel. Many people value ease of storage and low cost. It takes up less space and costs a fraction of what a snow plow does.

Furthermore, most may function as both a snow plow and a dirt mover in the summer. For those who already shovel their snow, this is a great way to save time and save so much wear and stress on your body.

OEM-190-833 46-Inch Fast Attach Snow Blade

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The OEM Fast Attach Snow Blade, which costs little less than $300, is meant to suit all MTD lawn and garden tractors, with the exception of Yard Man Revolution models manufactured after 2001. It is also compatible with many Cub Cadet and Toro tractors. Adjustable skid shoes enable you to raise the blade up to 2 inches above the ground. The spring-loaded blade return is designed to safeguard both the tractor and the blade. It is simple to manage with rapid angle changes from straight forward to 30 degrees right or left.

Current owners indicate that it works well in snow up to 4 inches thick, however it can handle larger snowfalls. Best of all, it may be used to move soil throughout the hot months.

Lawn Tractor Plow Nordic Auto Plow

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The Nordic Auto Plow, which costs between $399 and $435, is meant to suit most lawn tractors when used with the supplied universal mounting brackets. It has three blade settings, can be connected and removed in seconds, and features an unique rounded blade that allows it to be used year-round for snow and dirt removal.

The rounded blade keeps it from tearing up grass or causing damage to paver stones. According to existing users, it is quite simple to set up and can easily push pounds of snow.

Which Lawn Tractor Snow Plow Is the Best?

When price, features, and user ratings are considered, the OEM-190-833 Fast Attach 46-Inch Snow Blade looks to rate somewhat higher than the Nordic Auto Plow. Both can handle a lot of snow and can be used for more than just a snow plow, but the OEM is roughly $100 cheaper, giving it a little advantage.

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