About Electric Fireplace Heaters: Benefits & Types

An electric fireplace heater is a great investment that many homeowners and renters enjoy all year. The next generation of house heating and decoration has been created using today’s technologies. Consumers are interested in the newest in simulated flames and high-efficiency home heating. New home heating systems, such as zone heating, have increased the need for supplementary heating. Let’s take a look at the world of electric fireplace heaters and see if we can assist you in making a decision.

Why are electric fireplaces used?

Electric fireplaces provide users with several alternatives. For starters, they offer a nice, low-cost heat source. Electric heating equipment, for example, may be operated for around half the price of a similar gas heating unit. In houses with conventional fireplaces, the majority of the heat from the wood logs or even a gas flame escapes down the chimney. This is not the case with an electric fireplace heater; since there is no need for venting, a far higher amount of the heat remains within the house.

The heat produced is likewise safe, posing no fire concerns and requiring no specific installation or respect to building requirements. Because the outside of an electric fireplace heater is cool to the touch, it is suitable for houses with pets and young children. This eliminates the need for fire screens, fire barriers, and clearance around a standard fireplace.

Electric fireplace heaters provide a wonderful mood in every area of the house. During the warmer months of the year, the simulated flames are remarkably equal to a wood fire and may be used without turning on the heater. There are other kinds available, which we shall look at later in this book, ranging from traditional to modern and electric stoves to media centers.

Electric heat is very adaptable in terms of installation. Units that are hard wired into a house and those that can be plugged into regular outlets fall into two major groups.

Electric Fireplace Heater Built-In

Built-in electric fireplace heaters are the finest alternative for renovations and building projects for homeowners searching for a fast and economical heating solution that may contribute to a home’s ambience and increase its worth. Built-in units, like other electric fireplaces, do not need a vent. As a result, these units may be put almost anyplace in a house, including an interior or outside wall, above or below grade, in corners, and even as a wall panel. They are available in sizes ranging from 33 inches for a small dining or family room to 52 inches for larger living rooms. Furthermore, they all operate on 120 volt household power or may be hard connected to a 240 volt circuit like major appliances. The increased voltage current allows for roughly twice the heat output of a normal 120 volt installation.

There are several styling options to match any home’s design taste. There are electric fireplace heaters available with little to no trim that blend in with any style of masonry. Others have stainless steel and brushed aluminum finishes. Glass front doors or doors with a bi-fold or ornamental appearance may complete the aesthetic.

Built-in electric fireplace heaters outperform ventless gas heaters. Even though natural gas is one of the cleanest energies, it can pose certain safety risks. Any poorly maintained gas unit is prone to faulty gas combustion and incomplete combustion, which produces carbon monoxide. Even with a flawless flame, every burning item emits water vapor. Water damage and mold and mildew growth may occur on the dry wall above a ventless gas unit over time. Electric is the best option for built-in heaters.

Electric heating connects to standard outlets.

While built-in electric fireplace heaters need some work, freestanding models that plug into a regular outlet are fast and simple to install. Electric fireplace inserts are a great illustration of this. These are available in a variety of styles, but all contain electric log sets and heating units. Electric fireplace inserts are utilized in a variety of applications; here are few examples:

Electric fireplace inserts may be used with a mantle piece to form a bundle. These heating-capable combination furniture pieces may be arranged along walls or as corner units. They are completely functioning furniture that can be used to exhibit photographs or china while heating space and providing a realistic flame effect. During the warmer months of the year, use the flame only when you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a fire without the heat. The design choices available are as varied as the mantels themselves, ranging from various sizes, wood tones, to bold modern finishes that suit the whole spectrum of home decor.

A media center might have electric fireplace heaters. The cabinet is designed to house televisions, stereos, DVD players, and other media devices. The electric fireplace insert, once installed in the media center, offers warmth and turns the appearance of any entertainment center into a fireplace. By integrating the TV and the fireplace into one spectacular element, these heaters may significantly boost the focal point of a space. Electric fireplace heaters paired with a media console mantel are an ideal alternative for family rooms since they provide not only storage but also the atmosphere and supplementary heat of a fireplace in a compact package. There are various designs to pick from, including contemporary and classic styles in a choice of finishes to match any décor.

Wall-mounted electric fireplace heaters are an alternative to a fireplace mantel kit. These hanging heaters are roughly the depth of a flat-screen television. They have the same warmth and ambiance but a more contemporary appearance. Certain electric fireplace inserts may also be recessed into existing walls for individuals with a more traditional attitude. These items provide the traditional appearance of a wood-burning fireplace while also providing the convenience of a realistic flame at the flip of a switch.

Freestanding devices designed to look like conventional wood stoves have even been used as semi-permanent or movable house heaters. Some owners have been known to install units in their RVs and campers in order to enjoy a safe fire while on the road. This portability gives renters and homeowners additional alternatives when it comes to adding electric fireplace heaters into their life.

Except for the built-in variants with dual voltage that are permanently linked to household electricity, all of these fireplace kits are plug-in devices. When redesigning or transferring, the standalone packages and stoves are readily transported. They are safe and simple to install since they are self-contained systems.

Using an Electric Log Insert to Convert from Gas or Wood to Electric

A large percentage of houses currently have wood burning or gas burning fireplaces installed. However, there are several disadvantages to burning wood and gas. Because the bulk of the heat never remains in the home, the majority of the money invested in creating it goes directly up the chimney and out the flue. If the draft is not maintained, water vapor and combustion gases may gather in the home, causing carbon monoxide problems, wall damage, and a general loss of indoor air quality. Don’t forget about dealing with wood ash or keeping gas pilot lights, among other things.

Electric fireplace insert logs are one of the most inventive answers to all of the aforementioned issues. These logs are an electric heating items that can be installed in an existing firebox. They provide quick conversion from wood or gas to electric with the use of just an electric outlet; simply insert the logs into the firebox, plug them in, and your installation is complete. An electric fireplace will never need a set of tools and pokers to operate. Drafty flues may be sealed after installation, and the clearance that was previously required can be regained as usable living space.

These logs, like other electric heating goods, come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Customers may choose between painted wood or carved resin to suit their preferences. Dimplex, ClassicFlame, and Duraflame all provide distinctive flame effects and grates with distinct features.

Finally, deciding on the finest electric fireplace heater for your house boils down to a few simple questions. Are you an owner looking to permanently incorporate a unit into your house or a tenant looking for a standalone apartment? Do you already have a firebox that you’d want to transform into a cleaner, safer, and more effective heating source? Do you want to combine electric heating with a mantel, media center, or even an antique stove? Whatever option is best for you, electric fireplace heaters and electric fireplace inserts provide warm, cost-effective supplementary heat while providing a relaxing environment.

The Colonial offers all the exquisite architectural aspects of full-sized units with a smaller footprint if you’re searching for a fireplace that will fit into a tiny room. This exquisite item is finished in a rich hand-rubbed polished walnut and boasts elaborate carvings, an elegantly arched and framed header, framed finials, and a classic multi-stepped hearth. As a consequence, the unit will be a compelling center point in any environment.

The Colonial draws attention with its distinctive, life-like flame effect, logs, and grate, all of which contribute to the realistic nature of the fireplace.

• 20″ firebox with wide-screen viewing area; • 120 Volts / 1,440 Watts / 4,915 BTU.
• Can be used with either a flame or a heat source.
• The on/off remote control is accessible from anywhere in the room.
• Dimplex unique flame technology, which provides the most genuine electric flame possible.

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