Wool Coats for Women

Wool coats for women are one of the hottest winter items being sold online today.  Being sexy and fashionable during the winter can be possible if you just know the right clothes to wear. Typically, during the cold season, women are used to being bundled up, layering a shirt, pullover, and even knitwear just to stay warm and cozy.  And so, if you want to look chic without compromising your shape this winter season, then try wearing wool coats for women.

Wool is a type of fabric that is made from the sheep’s fur. This is perhaps one of the warmest materials that is used for clothing. And nowadays, it has been the most widely used in the making of stylish winter coats. There are a lot of wool coats for women and their styles vary depending on the body shape. That is why it is important to first be aware of your body shape before making your purchase.

Wool Coats for Women: Sizes and Styles


Women have four basic shapes: the pear, apple, banana, and hourglass. The pear shape or the triangle shape is characterized by a tiny waist and a broad hip line. Women who have this shape have small shoulders and small breasts but wide hips, big thighs, and round buttocks. The apple on the other hand is also known as the inverted triangle. Women who has this shape are a bit broader on the shoulders and narrower on the hips.  The banana corresponds to the straight shaped women. Their waists are only slightly smaller than their hips and shoulders thus, giving them a boxed figure. The last, which is the hourglass, is defined by having a small waist and the hips and bust line are of almost equal dimensions.

Wool Coats for WomenNow, when buying wool coats for women, it is best to suit it to your corresponding shape to make it look more tailored. For the pear shaped women, the empire shape will be just perfect. These wool coats for women have a high waist line, which stops just below the breasts, creating the illusion of smaller a smaller waist. The fabric then flows downwards to cover the buttocks and the hips.

For those who are banana-shaped and hourglass-shaped, choosing wool coats for women that have belts or even pockets that are located on the waist can help accentuate your figure. It will make your waist smaller, creating curves on your body.

Apple shaped women on the other hand, are advised to stay away from double breasted wool coats for women and empire waists as it tends to emphasize the upper body. Choose a classic cut coat in order to create the illusion of a proportioned body.

Buying Wool Coats for Women Online


One of the best places to find wool coats for women at the most affordable prices are through online stores.  Top brand name jacket makers are a great place to start.  Then you can always search Amazon, eBay and other online platforms to see some really marked down prices.  Always make sure that you are ordering from trusted sites that have good ratings and good customer feedback.

If you really want to save money on wool coats for women, shop for them in the summer time when they aren’t in season.  You may find wool coats for women that are marked down to over %50!