A Do-It-Yourself Toddler Down Comforter!

The internet is a great place to start your search for a quality toddler down comforter.  Down comforters are considerably expensive and most of the time comforters simply do not come high in the priority list of any cost-cutter. If you cannot afford a down comforter for your toddler, or you simply think that such a comforter would be better looking if it passed through your hands, there is good news. Making a toddler down comforter is not that hard, and doing so definitely would not cost as much as buying a new one.

Create Your Very Own Toddler Down Comforter


First, you have to take note of the measurements. Toddler bed mattresses and crib mattresses oftentimes have the same size which is 28 x 52 inches. You can up it an inch or two if you want your toddler down comforter to be a bit bigger.

Second, pick a fabric. You can ask your child about her favourite color or if he prefer prints over plains and stripes. You can also pattern the fabric after the overall theme of your child’s room. Just to be sure that you do not go home with the wrong fabric, you can have your child with you and let him have his pick. It is also fine to have two different colors or designs on the two sides. Comforters are supposed to be reversible anyway.

Third, wash and iron it. Run the fabric in the washer and have them dried. When done, flatten out the wrinkles.

Fourth, set the measurements on the fabric. Place the fabric for your new toddler down comforter on a table or any hard surface that is flat. You can use straight pins and a ruler for marking the cutting lines. Place it on a rubber mat and use a rotary cutter to cut it.

Fifth, set the pieces. Settle the top piece facing up on the table and put the backing on top of the first one face down. Then place the batting on the material, and start pinning the layers. Do not forget to leave a large space open.

Toddler Down ComforterSixth, sew the toddler down comforter. Start with the edges, sparing some seam allowance. When done, turn it inside out.

Seventh, stuff the toddler down comforter with the fill of your choice. Make sure that you do not overstuff it. It should still be flattened out after everything has been stuck inside.

Eighth, sew the opening and run some stitches across the comforter making equal square shapes. This is to make sure that the batting and stuffing stay in place for your toddler down comforter.

Toddler Down Comforter: Shopping the World Wide Web


If you just aren’t the crafty type and don’t feel like making your own toddler down comforter, you can find somebody who will customize these for a good price or for new online.  Just do a simple search online and look through all of the choices made available for you today.  You will see that there are plenty of online outlets that sell a quality toddler down comforter and at a good price.