Three of the Best Leather Shoes to Wear this Winter

You’ve got your winter clothes all ready for the imminent blizzard this winter, but what about your shoes? Can you just don a pair of sneakers and trudge dauntlessly along paths of snow? If you want your toes to die of frostbite, then you could. If you love your feet on the other hand, and would love the see them functioning perfectly after the snow melts, then there are a couple of things you need to know. There are shoes that you can wear during winter, and shoes that you can’t.

You don’t have to be such a fashion savvy to know what works during winter. You need something that can insulate heat, while style can be just an additional. If you can have both, then better, but if you end up with only one, then you’ll risk looking like an outdated fashion fool or you’ll risk having your legs snap off like ice. Underneath are some of the best shoes you can wear this winter.

  • Leather Loafers: No one can ever say that loafers are outdated. They are one of the most timeless leather shoes in existence, and they are perfect in insulating heat as well. Go for high heeled leather loafers to combat the thick snow. You can wear these with a pair of slacks for professional events, or even a good pair of jeans for more casual affairs.
  • Ankle Boots: These boots are stuck in a limbo between fashion and comfort. For shoes, that actually says a good thing. It works perfectly during winter, thanks to its thick rubber sole which provides traction for slippery surfaces. You can also wear it in the office for a more professional appeal. What makes these boots perfect for winter is that they reach up to your ankle. This means better heat insulation during very cold winter seasons.
  • Oxfords: If you’re more into style, you can go with pointy-toe oxfords this winter. The fad this year is even pointier oxfords, which thoroughly equates to death for anyone you kick between the legs. These shoes are also good heat insulators, so you can wear them perfectly out in the snow. In the office or in corporate professional events, oxfords are perfect statements of style. Don them with a pair of straight slacks, but never with your rugged jeans. These shoes have the words corporate and professional written all over them.