The Best Winter Shoes for Casual and Formal Affairs

Your uber-masculine macho appeal that resists being fashion savvy will think twice when winter comes. You just cannot survive the abrupt temperature drop without a good pair of winter shoes, and no matter how much you persuade your wife to leave your clothes to yourself, you may need a little help on what winter shoes are perfect this chilly time of year. If what you need are boots to make your traveling more bearable or a pair of flashy shoes to go with your corporate attire, then read on for the best choices available in the market today.


For the best in the formal look this year, some black leather ankle boots to pair with your jeans or your slacks are perfect. Leather ankle boots may not be the best choice to protect your already chilling feet, but being leather, they are actually good insulators of heat which are perfect for a very chilly day. The sturdy base of leather that provides every step with traction can prevent you from slipping.

It is best to choose one without too much detailed designs so you can slip them on in even the most professional events. These shoes are modish enough to wear at dinners in expensive restaurants and stylish enough for radical corporate events.


Hiker Style Boots: For more casual events, why not don some hiker-style boots for style and protection from the chill? These boots can keep your feet warm all through winter and guarantee that your toes are just as dry as your chilled skin. Don’t worry. You won’t be looking like a fool with hiker-style boots as these are becoming a trend for winter use. These shoes are trendy as well as formal, so you can don them any time there’s a party downtown.

Eskimo Boots: If you’re a daredevil, you can try out a pair of comfy Eskimo boots which are also known widely as Uggs. You can try these out with a pair of rugged jeans or cargos for maximum comfort. These Eskimo boots are specially made to resist cold, so if your feet still feel chilly after wearing a pair of Uggs, then something must be dreadfully wrong with your feet. You can wear them without socks, but know that these Eskimo boots aren’t waterproof, so you may have to do some jumping across puddles of melted snow. Wear these for a casual walk to the park, but never for a corporate event. You’d look silly wearing Uggs with a champagne glass on one hand.