Snow Sleds for Kids

Snow sleds for kids make a great gift and one that kids can use all winter long!  Winter time means snow, and for kids, snow means non-stop fun.  Seriously, I remember growing up living for a snow day where there was no school and my friends and I had the opportunity to break out the sleds and spend all day long going up and down our sledding hill.  Sleds were simple back then; today however there are a whole plethora of sleds to choose from.  Here is a brief rundown on snow sleds for kids and how to choose a proper sled or sleds for your children.

Plastic Snow Sleds for Kids:

Plastic snow sleds for kids are probably the most prevalent and affordable sleds for sale on the market today.  You will find an abundance of plain Jane plastic sleds that sell anywhere from a few dollars up to over $50 for the big ones.  You may even find a pack of three bundled together for around $40.

These simple plastic snow sleds are usually in toboggan form and can fit up to three kids fairly comfortably.  These babies are great for all kinds of snow and your kids will love them.  The only problem with the plastic sleds is that they get rundown pretty easy.  The bottoms of the sleds will wear down to nothing if they are dragged on cement and you will really feel all of the bumps and terrain when using them.

The upside to plastic sleds is the fact that they are so affordable.  So even if they do wear out, you can just as easily by a new one.  They also come in many shapes and sizes…toboggans and even saucer snow sleds.  Some even have plastic brake levers!

Wooden Snow Sleds for Kids:

Wooden snow sleds for kids are obviously much more durable and longer lasting than the plastic sleds.  They will typically zip down the sledding hill much faster as well which means that they are somewhat more dangerous to operate.  You might want to be with your kids when using a wooden snow sled.

Snow Sleds for KidsWooden snow sleds are faster and for many that basically means that they are much more fun to use.  However, these sleds are a pain to haul around and drag back up the hill once you are at the bottom.  Some of the wooden sleds operate with metal or steel runners that don’t work too well on fluffy snow but will scream down a hill of packed snow and ice.  Wooden snow sleds will also cost a great deal more than most plastic sleds.

Snow Tubes:

The most fun I ever had sledding when I was a kid was with the snow tubes.  I’m not sure why but it really felt like these snow sleds for kids were much safer and you could pile everyone on and just bulldoze anything in your way on the way down.  Most of the snow tubes were circular in shape but the best ones are the 3 person toboggan style sleds.  They are all light weight and very affordable…but they do pop easy.  So either be very careful or make sure that you stock up on patches just in case.

Where to Find Snow Sleds for Kids:

Shopping in your local area more than likely won’t amount to too much in choice.  That’s why it is best to shop online to find exactly what kind of sled you are looking for.  They ship these snow sleds for kids out fast and you will find plenty of great snow sleds for kids at affordable prices.