How to Care For Your Queen Down Comforter

If you have a queen down comforter and are wondering how to go about cleaning and maintaining it, it isn’t very difficult at all. It will help if you have an industrial size washing machine to accommodate its huge girth. With regular detergent and a low setting, you’ll be able to clean your queen down comforter in no time.

The thing about a queen down comforter is they require huge amounts of drying time. The down feathers which compose the filling can take a long time to dry, so make sure you turn your spinner on low, and let your comforter get as much drying time as possible.

Using a Washer on Your Queen Down Comforter


If your washer and dryer aren’t big enough to accommodate your down comforter, you can take your precious bedding accessory to any commercial laundry in your area. A do-it-yourself laundromat will help you ensure that no one else but you will take care of cleaning this expensive bed item.

Queen Down ComforterThe mass of your queen down comforter, especially when wet, can be overwhelming. This is due to the amount of down filling this item has. However, you can get it from the washer into the dryer a section at a time until it is all in. Remember to use a low wash cycle to prevent any damage to your down comforter, and especially to avoid the cycle rough-wringing it, which can cause it to become misshapen in the rough agitation of the wash.

More Queen Down Comforter Washing Tips:


Make sure you put your rinse cycle also on low, and rinse your down comforter at least three times to ensure all the detergent is washed away from the material. Detergent residue can leave your down comforter feeling rough and uncomfortable in the long run.

Drying will necessarily take some time, as down comforters can come out soggy because of all the fill power. It is advisable to leave no moisture in your queen down comforter, which will eventually lead to mildew and down deterioration. To prevent this, spin drying for a couple of hours in a low setting will help. Increase the lifespan of your comforter by drying it thoroughly, and enjoy its warmth, comfort, and luxurious softness for a lifetime.

A queen down comforter is an incredibly soft and warm way to spend your nights rest.  There are a variety of different types and fills associated with down comforters and some will cost much more than others.  No matter what, use the advice given here to wash your queen down comforter so it stays soft and cozy for years.