Pea Coats for Women

Pea coats for women make a fabulous fashion statement and they will keep plenty warm when it is cold outside.  The pea coat jacket, sometimes also called a pea jacket or a pilot jacket, is a heavy double-breasted coat usually made from wool.

Its origins date back to the 18th century, when European Navy sailors wore it to keep warm. It originally appeared as a navy pea coat, so dark it was almost black, with its lapels wide enough to cover both the neck and ears.

A popular tale described the first pea coat wearer as a young man who joined the British army, whose farmer father gave him the jacket. It was made from the fleece of his own sheep called Pauline, Eleanor, and Andrew. The soldier called it the P.E.A. coat, and the name eventually stuck, especially since his higher officers took a liking to the jacket’s structure and ordered for more to be made.

Pea Coats for WomenAnother origin story said the name came from the Danish word pijjeker, referring to pij or pilot cloth, the type of fabric used to make the jacket. It eventually evolved into the more popular pea coat and now is available in bulk as pea coats for women.

Where to Find Pea Coats for Women

Those who are looking for the traditional men’s pea coat can still find these in army surplus stores. While tradition dictates it as men’s wear, there are now pea coats for women, also known as Jackie O jackets because the former first lady popularized the look. Designers have taken a gander at redesigning it, while maintaining its classic look.

Pea Coats for Women: Styles

The fabric was made lighter, because the original version was made to withstand the cold and wind while standing on ship decks, some became single-breasted, and more colors became available aside from the classic navy, including bright red and tartan. Some jackets sport ruffles, and belts have also occasionally found their way to adorning pea coats for women. There are even hooded pea coats for women that are available. Cheap pea coats for women are also available for the ladies working on a budget.

Pea coats for women are known for giving the wearer a chic and sophisticated look. Even if the fabric used now is lighter than the original, they still give an adequate protection from the cold, making these popular winter apparel.

Pea coats for women can easily be matched to create outfits, going particularly well with skinny jeans, dress slacks, casual pants, and even over skirts. Pea coats for women and juniors are also available for those fashion-forward tots who want to look like their mommies and daddies.