Ladies Shoe Trend for 2011

There’s just something about women and shoes. In order to be fully fashionable, wearing the right pair of shoes has become a staple. But like clothes, shoe trends also change depending on the season. If you want to know what’s hot for 2011, then check the list of what’s in store for the coming year:

  • Boots

Of course, the boots are something that will never go out of trend. In fact, this is actually one of the must-have pairs for every woman. They are perfect for pairing with jeans or short dresses and they are just absolutely comfortable to wear. But for the 2011 fashion, you have the option of staying away from the conventional shin high boots and going for ankle boots instead. They keep your legs elongated and at the same time create a nice stylish touch to any outfits. Ankle boots come in different styles but the in thing for the coming year are the laces.

  • Pumps

If you want to look real hot, then go with the pumps. Gone are the days of wearing just plain old stiletto shoes. Wearing pumps will add so much more sexiness to your feet plus it makes you look really tall and lean as well. And what’s great about this is that you will feel so comfortable in a pair because it refrains your feet from getting too pointed and strained.

  • Wedges

Wedges are also one of the popular trends for the coming year. These chunky-heeled pairs are definitely making a comeback this season. The wedges became popular among designers as well as shoe-a-holics because of their chic laid back style. Plus, these pairs are just adorable to use because they are less wobbly and are comfortable even when worn the whole day.

  • Straps and buckles

If you want to wear sandals, then look for one that has straps and buckles. In fact, the more straps and buckles they have, the sexier and more stylish it looks. The buckles serve as great accents for any types of shoes whether boots, stilettos, and sandals. But other than that, they serve as adjusters as well in order for your feet to fit snugly.

  • Colors and sparkles

If you really want to take your shoes to the next level, then go with lots of colors. The 2011 shoe trend is all about being bold, taking chance on colors, and glamorizing through sparkles. Look for shoes that have many hues and add glitters and jewels to make you look all dolled up.