Kids Snow Pants

The only way for your kid to really enjoy the snow this winter is to provide them with a suitable pair of kids snow pants.  Kids snow pants are designed to keep your child warm and dry even when they are rolling around in the wettest and sloppiest of snows.  Snow pants for kids will allow them to build snowmen, snow forts, make snow angels, sled and just play around in the snow all day without getting wet or cold.

Shopping for kids snow pants on the internet is a great idea because of all the choices and because of the low prices you will find as well. There are however a few things you will need to consider before you spend any money on these new snow pants.  Read on to learn what kinds of kids snow pants there are and what you might need to buy.

Varieties of Kids Snow Pants

Kids Snow Pants


Snow pants for kids come in a few varieties.  The first being the traditional snow pants.  These snow pants are the ones that start at the waistline and protect the entire pant line from getting wet.  The other kind is the bib snow pants.  The bibs use suspenders and extent all the way to the sternum area.  These snow pants are nice because the snow will never get into your pants because they will be tucked under the snow coat.

The nice thing about kids snow pants is the price.  They generally run in the $20 – $30 area for a decent pair of kids snow pants.  Sure you can spend much more ski snow pants for the more avid outdoorsman, and you may need to if you plan on taking your children skiing or are going to be in a much colder and much snowier climate than average.

Kids Snow Pants are Waterproof


You must make sure that the snow pants you are considering are 100% waterproof.  Some may advertise that they are waterproof when in actuality they are merely water resistant.  There is a big difference and to ensure your child’s safety and warmth buy kids snow pants that are only 100% waterproof.

Bib snow pants are going to offer the most amount of protection against the cold and snow.  They are also baggy enough to be able to really layer the clothes and protection underneath to really trap the heat in.  I remember playing outside all day long in snow bibs and never feeling cold or wet at all.

Find discounted prices of kids snow pants by doing a quick search online.  Look for brand name pants made by winter clothing companies and companies that design ski apparel.  You can do all of your winter online shopping and compare prices at Amazon as well.  This way you can compare prices and actually see what others are saying about the kids snow pants before you decide to buy.