Kids Sleeping Bags

One of my most prized possessions growing up were my kids sleeping bags.  I remember growing up and using my sleeping bag to its eventual deterioration and death.  I used that Star Wars Return of the Jedi sleeping bag probably even more so than I used my bed.  There really wasn’t much to it but it certainly did its job and I loved it.  Today there are a ton of more choices in kids sleeping bags and due to the advent of the internet, sleeping bags for kids are much more easily accessible.  Here are a few things to consider when looking into buying sleeping bags whether it is for yourself or your kids.

First of all, you already know how picky kids are when it comes to goods and products.  They will want kids sleeping bags that look good and won’t care so much about how comfortable or warm it is going to keep them at night.  The good news is that they actually do make Spiderman sleeping bags that will cover all the needed areas as well as please your child.  So with that in mind, be sure to include your kids’ opinion and have them available when you are shopping for their sleeping bag.

Kids Sleeping Bags: What to Look For


Besides the design of the sleeping bag there are many other aspects to keep in mind.  You will want to ask yourself just what is your kid going to be using the sleeping bag for?  Will they be using the sleeping bag for recreational indoor use or are they involved in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or some other outdoor organization where they will need it to protect them and keep them warm and comfortable at night?  The answers to these questions will help determine what type of sleeping bag you will need.

Kids Sleeping BagsSleeping bags for kids and adults are rated according to weather situations.  This temperature rating will vary on each sleeping bag.  Generally speaking, the lower the rating, the warmer it is going to keep you at night.  These low rating sleeping bags are usually more insulated and are made out of different materials.

This brings me to my next point which is that some kids sleeping bags are designed to keep the water out.  These water proof bags are going to cost more but are 100% necessary if they are going to use them sleeping outside without the use of a waterproof tent.  Even with a tent (they sometimes leak) it may be wise to choose a waterproof bag.

Kids Sleeping Bags: Shopping Online


I have already discussed the fact that the internet allows you access to many more kids sleeping bags than your local stores.  The other great advantage is that you can save a ton of money, even after shipping fees.  Some of these online companies will offer super saver shipping options where you can get the sleeping bag at reduced shipping retail prices.  They want you to do business with them as much as your child wants their new Transformers sleeping bag!

Kids sleeping bags makes for a great gift too!  Online you will be able to find hundreds of sleeping bags in just about every theme imaginable and all of the colors of the rainbow.  You can buy your boy that blue baseball sleeping bag and/or your girl the pink sleeping bag she wants.  Use your due diligence and shop around for the best prices and best kids sleeping bags before you buy.