Hungarian Goose Down Comforter: The Best?

What exactly is a Hungarian goose down comforter?  It seems to be a growing question these days amongst those looking to by the best dowon comforters money can buy.  And there surely is a wide variety of comforters in the consumer market nowadays, varying in terms of the down, the fill, thread count, and definitely color. Out of the many choices available, a comforter made of goose down is often taken to be the best, particularly the Hungarian.

Hungarian Goose Down Comforter: Why So Expensive?


A Hungarian goose down comforter is simply of the expensive type, and you definitely would not be able to take home one without shedding of an arm, and even a leg as well. Hungarian goose down comforter has been used all over the globe for quality comforters for so many years now. In fact, it has been unofficially established that an upscale comforter can never be considered upscale if it is not made of goose down, much less that of a Hungarian goose down comforter. It is of superior quality, and is highly consistent, coming from geese that are grown stronger and larger than domestic geese.  Hence, comforters with such material are certainly quite comfortable and soft.

In addition to that, a Hungarian goose down comforter does not have any unpleasant odor unlike those that are with duck down. Actually, they almost have no smell, allowing anyone with undisturbed sleep.

A Cheaper Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Alternative:


Since they are expensive, there are manufacturers now that produce a modified version of a Hungarian goose down comforter that can be bought for less. The modified versions are actually a mixture of Hungarian goose down and other materials.

Hungarian Goose Down ComforterFor example, there are the Hypodown comforters which are composed of Hungarian goose down mixed with milkweed. The point is that although the goose down is mixed with other materials, the quality is not jeopardized.

In fact, the goose down goes well with the tried mixed materials that you would not be able to tell the difference, unless you have some OC issues when it comes to sleeping.

Moreover, comforters made of Hungarian goose down are made to last. The down does not disintegrate easily, and if you have one that has a high thread count, chances are you would still be having the same comforter for a number of years to come.

Even if you subject your Hungarian goose down comforter to constant washing and drying, it is no likely to fade and be out of shape soon enough for you to buy another one.