How to Wash Your Purple Comforter

Your comforter may be the key component to keeping your warm and comfortable when you try to sleep at night.  Keeping it clean is also key to your health as it is something you are using daily.  Washing that purple comforter is not as hard a task as it may seem to be.  Here’s what you need to do.

Always read the instructions located on the tag of your purple comforter first.  Each comforter is made of different materials and will need to be cleaned and taken care of differently as well.  Some will tell you to only hand wash them, only drip dry, or cold wash.  Others will say use on delicate or dry on low heat.  Whatever you do, pay attention and be sure to read the instructions first!

Most down comforters will have special care instructions and shouldn’t be washed at home.  Take them to the Laundromat instead.  The Laundromat usually has bigger wash machines than ones you would use at home and it will give it a chance to clean up much better.  Down comforters should always be washed on the lowest setting, i.e. delicate, gentle and cold wash.

You should also be wary about which detergent you are using to wash your purple comforters.  Some cheap detergents contain chemicals that may discolor, fade, or even shrink your comforters.  Look for really light or gently detergents that will be safe to use on any type of material.  Look at the ingredients of the detergent before you buy.  Look specifically to make sure that the detergent contains no bleach.

To dry your purple comforters you can use a dryer.  Some household dryers may not be able to handle drying some of the bigger sized comforters.  Queen and king comforters especially may need to be taken to a Laundromat to use their bigger commercial sized dryers.  Again, be sure to check the tag to see how or if it should be dried in a dryer.  If you are not sure, just put it in on the lowest and coolest setting possible.

To hand wash you comforter (if your instructions call for it) you are going to need a large industrial sized sink or a bathtub will do.  Use cool water and a mild detergent and hang dry it so that it will dry evenly.

Usually when you pull the comforter out of the dryer you may notice that not all of it is dry.  This happens many times with smaller dryers.  When you throw your comforter in there it tends to get balled up and there are certain areas that just won’t dry.  Simply throw some tennis balls in there with it so it moves it around more.  You may also need to manually take the comforter out and shake it around before you put it back in again.