Getting Goose Down Pillows for Your Bed

One very popular type of bed accessories that provide great warmth, softness and comfort at night, goose down pillows are the ultimate in luxury. These goose down pillows sometimes make it difficult for people to leave their beds the next morning, such is their soothing snugness. If you are looking for goose down pillows to fill your nights with sleeping bliss, you will want to look at the pros and cons of these type of bed accessories.

When you think of goose down pillows, you will automatically assume that they are filled with goose feathers. This is not so. These pillows are actually filled with the down of these kind of waterfowl. The down isn’t actually made of the feathers themselves, but are the soft, fluffy undercoat of the birds. One positive point is that they are unbearably soft, but infinitely durable. In fact, when properly cared for, these down pillows can last a lifetime.

Goose Down Pillows: A Luxury

Because of the difficulty in obtaining goose down to fill these pillows, they are quite prized by many of the rich and famous. Geese in Canada and Hungary are organically raised for this very purpose. They are extremely luxuriant and are most often found in many 5-star hotels. Thus, we come by its first disadvantage – goose down pillows are often very expensive.

Goose Down PillowsAnother thing about these pillows is that that, if they are made out of natural goose down, they can be a great trial for people with allergies. Goose down is primarily composed of miniature filaments that can cause great sneezing in people with allergies. If you are allergic, one disadvantage is you won’t be able to enjoy the luxuriant warmth of these soft and comfortable pillow.

Alternative Goose Down Pillows for Allergy Sufferers

However, there are synthetic down pillows in the market that will not give you the same allergic reaction that natural goose down filled pillows will. To get the best quality you can find, make sure you thoroughly clean and dry these pillows to prevent a dust mite infestation that may cause more allergies. A down pillow with high fill power will prevent clumping over time.

These advantages and disadvantages of goose down pillows will help you make a decision: invest in warm and luxurious comfort and prepare to pay the price.  Remember that prices will vary extremely depending on where and when you shop.  Check the many online distributors and offline before you make your final choice in goose down pillows.