Types of Goose Down Duvets

Goose down duvets are the best that money can buy…period.  It is that absolute ultimate comfort in comforters and pillows you simply can’t get anything better. Goose down duvets in particular can fulfill your fantasies of softness, elegance, and luxury, and you’ll never want for a good night’s sleep ever again with a down-filled duvet keeping you warm and comfy all night long.

Goose down comforters or goose down duvets are particularly prized. Why is this so? Goose down is a natural filler made of the undercoat of geese. Compared to ducks, geese are hardier and more resistant to the cold because of their thick and soft covering just beneath their feathers and between their bodies. For this reason, goose down duvets and for use as comforter filling is the best in the world.

Where You Normally See Goose Down Duvets


Goose down duvets are immensely popular items in the market today. They can be very expensive, and are often found in the beds of renowned 5-star hotels all over the world. There are three main types of goose down, and these types often dictate the pricing of duvets and pillows with this filling.

Goose Down DuvetsPlain white geese comprise the less expensive alternative to other types of goose down duvets and filling. Plain white geese are anywhere you can find a lake, and thus their down is relatively cheaper compared to the down of its other cousins.

Down from the Siberian goose comes next up the scale, and because they are rarer compared to white geese, their down is prized more. This is why Siberian down will cost more.

The Best Goose Down Duvets


Finally, the top-scale in down filling comes from the Hungarian goose, whose down feathers have more elongated filaments, and thus provide softer fibers for better warmth and insulation. In addition to this, Hungarian goose down duvets are relatively light in comparison to its huge fluffing power, and this makes Hungarian goose down duvets and comforters some of the most expensive in the market today.

Goose down duvets are very much in demand, and if you are aware of the distinctions in the different types of goose down bedding available in the market today, you will have a good chance of securing the best goose down comforters and pillows. These goose down duvets will ensure your sleep is softly luxuriant and comfortable warm all through the night.