Finding the Perfect Pair of High Heels

Women feel glamorous in heels. It makes them appear taller and of course, sexier. However, not everyone can be comfortable wearing one. If you are like most women who are born to walk in high heels, then you’re lucky. But if you are like some who wobbles and trips when wearing a pair, then all it takes is a lot of practice. Plus, you also need to be able to find the perfect pair.

Types of high heels

Getting used to wearing high heels may take some time. Before you go on looking for your own great pair of shoes, you must first learn the types of high heels. If you are just learning to walk in them, then probably the best shoe type to begin with are the wedges. These shoes have heels that extend up to the back off the foot. This provides a wider support for the weight and it prevents wobbling.

If you are confident enough, then you can go for chunky heels instead. Like any conventional high-heeled shoe, the heels for this type is centered exactly beneath the heel of the feet. However, what makes it chunky is the size of the heel which ranges from one to two inches in width. This provides more heel support to make walking more comfortable.

The stilettos on the other hand, are probably one of the sexiest types of high-heeled shoes. The heels can be as low as two inches and may reach up to five inches. The difference between this type from the other ones is the size of the heels. Normally, the heels are as thin as a nail, often measuring a half inch in width. Wearing this type of shoes takes a lot of practice as it tends to be wobbly, especially for those who are not used to wearing one.

The pumps is a variation of the three types. Aside from the heels on the back, it also has an elevation on the front, just beneath the toes. This type of shoes is perfect for those who want to look taller but at the same time, dread the feeling of leg strain from tip toeing too much. The pumps keep the feet almost leveled, making the shoes more comfortable to wear.

Shopping for a pair

When shopping for the perfect pair of high heels, the first thing to consider is the size. Make sure that it fits perfectly on your feet. Check your toes and see if they bend inside the shoe. Allow a few inches of excess for your feet to breathe. Also, the height of the heels is also important. You can get something really high but makes sure that you can walk in them. If you feel wobbly, or your bum sticks out when walking, then take it as a sign. That pair of shoes will never do.