European Down Comforters

Nothing feels more luxurious and soft as European down comforters.  These types of comforter sets are sure to please those that are looking for added appeal to their bedroom as well as warmth and comfort to rest their bodies on at night.  There are many things to consider though when looking to purchase these European down comforters.

European Down Comforters: Types of Down Filler


The type of down they put inside the comforter is what gives it its overall quality.  You will need to look into its fill weight and fill power as well as what animal the down is taken from.  That’s right, you can choose from white goose down to alternative comforters that have no real down inside of them.  Some of these European down comforters will have 100% Egyptian cotton rather than duck or goose down.

European Down ComfortersThe fill weight is the measurement of the amount of fill inside the comforter.  Generally speaking, the more fill it has the warmer it is going to keep you.  So if you plan on using the down comforter in the summer as well, you may want to get a lower fill weight so it can breathe and you won’t sweat at night.

Fill power exemplifies how fluffy the European down comforter is.  So the higher numbers mean that there are more insulating air pockets and they are a better quality of down blanket.  The European Norm is used to calculate fill power on many sleeping bags and down comforters in Europe today.

Thread Count:

This is a number that is used to measure the number of threads per sq inch in the stitching of the down comforter.  The higher the number here…again, the more quality it is going to be.  Look for numbers above 400 but be prepared to pay more as well.

European Down Comforters: Things to Consider


Some companies will market their product as down but what you see is not what you will always get.  In order to keep the price down, they may only include 50% down which means the other half is more than likely to be feathers, cotton, or some other form of cheaper down alternative filling.  These so-called European down comforters just do not hold the same kind of fluffiness or comfort levels that 100% pure European down comforters would have.

Also, duvet covers for the European down comforters will give you the opportunity to change the color of the comforter at a low cost.  Rather than buying a different colored down comforter you simply pay much less and throw a nice duvet cover on.  These covers will also help protect the down so you won’t have to keep up on cleaning and maintenance all of the time.  They also are an outstanding way to save money if you cannot afford to buy a very high thread count comforter or the higher end European down comforters.