How to Clean and Care for Your Down Filled Pillows

If you are looking for pillows that have superb cushioning and are soft and gentle on your skin, your best bet would be down filled pillows filled with eider or goose feathers. These down filled pillows are the crème of the crop in comfort, and you don’t even have to worry about their maintenance, as they are very easy to clean.

Washing Your Down Filled Pillows


You can opt for down filled pillows that are machine-washable. Make sure you check for any splits or snags in the material, and examine the ticking to make sure it is secure. Mild detergent is imperative for washing down pillows. Use warm water, and a gentle setting on your washing machine. If you own a top loader, you can actually put in two pillows at once for better balance and to prevent your down pillows from floating in the water.

Down Filled PillowsYou can opt for the delicate cycle on your machine, and set the spin action on low. Your down pillows, while the height of comfort, are rather delicate, and your treatment of them should be as such.

After the wash cycle, don’t forget to rinse your down filled pillows, again using your machine’s slow setting. The rinse cycle will get rid of any leftover detergent on your pillows to prevent the ticking from becoming too stiff over time. Spin dry in low setting to remove excess water. The low setting will be beneficial to avoid breaking the down feathers in your pillow apart.

Drying Your Down Filled Pillows


Drying the down filled pillows will require a low setting and an average of five hours. Fluffing the pillows between cycles is ideal to find out whether there is any damp left. Drying time should continue until the pillows are lump-free. If you choose to do so, you may include some tennis balls into the spin chamber to make the pillows fluffier, or fabric softener sheets for fresher smelling pillows.

When your down pillows aren’t in use, it would be a good idea to store them properly inside breathable bags. Refrain from using plastic ones which can trap moisture and cause mold and mildew to develop that can decompose your precious down filled pillows.