Everything You Need To Know About Your Down Feather Bed

Do you know that if you have a down feather bed, you are very lucky indeed? A down feather bed has a long history dating back to the 14th century, and their popularity hasn’t diminished in all this time. Due to the supreme comfort and luxury that down feathers give to beddings and pillows, this material has been used for centuries to give new meaning to sleep.

What is a Down Feather Bed?


Down feathers fill the pillows, mattresses and comforters of the rich and famous, so if you find yourself in a posh 5-star hotel and marveling at the softness and warmth of their bedding, you’ll be amazed at the “royal” night’s sleep you will have in these down filled beddings.

In Europe, the tradition is to use down feather mattresses alone. However, many people use a down feather mattress on top of their existing mattress to add to the luxury of fine sleep. However you choose to place your down feather beddings, the rule of thumb these days is to arrange them according to what is most comfortable for you.

Down Feather BedSome of the best quality down filled mattresses are made from the down of Hungarian geese. The feathers themselves aren’t used. It is the warm and insulating undercoat of these waterfowl that is prized in down filling. In fact, Hungarian geese are specially raised for these purpose, and their harvested down is further separated based on quality.

Down Feather Bed: Clusters


The down is clumped into clusters, and the bigger and softer a cluster is, the better the quality of the down. Clustering can be time consuming for most manufacturers, and this is why a down feather bed can cost a lot in today’s market.

Another factor that dictates the quality and price of down filled beddings is the fill power of each piece. The higher the fill power is per cubic inch, the better the quality of the pillow, comforter, duvet, or mattress. One rule of thumb to check for fill power is to squeeze a mattress under your hands. Upon releasing it, it should automatically fluff up into several times the size it was when squeezed.

With these in mind, you will feel better about the time and effort put to breeding, gathering and assembling the material for your down feather bed to justify the expense, and you will have a good sleep each night in luxurious comfort.