Down Comforters

There are an abundant amount of high-quality down comforters for sale all over the internet.  Here you will find all the information you will need to know to select the perfect down comforters for you and/or your friends and family. Searching for the right comforter set does not have to be the big pain that you think it will. Sure there are many choices at various prices, but with a few tips, you’ll be able to find the right one and in no time at all.

Today there are more outlets, stores, and places to find down comforter sets than ever before. This is good for us, the consumer, because not only does it give us more variety to choose from, but all of this competition naturally forces prices to go down. The options now are so numerous specifically because of the internet. This makes shopping so much easier and faster…if you know what you are doing.Down Comforters

Down Comforters: Shopping Tips


The first thing you need to know when shopping for down comforter sets is what size you are going to need. Besides just knowing what size of bed you have or what bed you are shopping for, i.e. bed size king, bed size queen, full, twin, single, etc. You should also know the actual physical dimensions of your bed. Take out the measuring tape and jot down the dimensions.

Sometimes you may have an option to get a bigger or smaller comforter set that will be for a better price and they could be over or under sized. It’s always best to know the exact dimensions so you don’t buy something and then find out later that it just doesn’t fit. You may even choose to have a bigger than average blanket for looks or for comfort.

The next thing you will want to consider is just how warm you want this down comforter set to be. Down comforters are manufactured with a variety of materials and styles. Some of which are naturally warmer and heavier than others. Some people don’t like them to be too heavy or warm and would prefer them to be lighter and not as bulky.

So with this in mind you need to figure out how much fill weight and fill power you want in your comforter. The weight is how much material you need in the blanket. The fill power is how bulky or how fluffy the comforter will be. More fill power means it will retain heat better and therefore will make it warmer for you as you sleep because it will trap your own body heat.

The last thing to keep in mind when searching for the perfect down comforter sets is the actual design and look. There are two main designs in down comforters; baffle-box, and sewn-through stitching. Each design will hold a different thread count…usually 500 thread count is a good number to look for. You can buy 400 thread count, 300 thread count, 250 thread count and lower. The top thread count and most expensive is upwards of 1000 thread count.

Down Comforters: Designs

The baffle-box design is generally created with more care and labor and therefore is going to be a better product and will cost you more. When they create a baffle-box design, this just means that they sew pieces of fabric inside of the comforter that allows the down to set properly between walls or sections. This makes is seem fluffier and keeps the down spread evenly throughout the blanket.

Sewn-through stitching design just means that the actual cover of the comforter is divided equally, usually in squares simply by sewing the top and bottom layers together. This is not going to have the same warming principles as the baffle-box but is still warm none-the-less. The baffle box down comforters design has more fill weight and fill power than the sewn-through design.