Hounded By Allergies? Get Down Alternative Pillows Instead

Down alternative pillows aren’t quite as soft as real down pillows, but at least you won’t suffer from allergies while you are trying to sleep.  If you have grown up using an ordinary pillow with synthetic filling, you will be amazed at the comfort and softness of down pillows. However, if you are prone to allergies and sneezing fits, it can be a bad thing for your health to buy natural down pillows just for the sheer luxury of it. You may want to opt for down alternative pillows with the same comfort quality, but without the allergies that come with natural goose down filled pillows.

Down Alternative Pillows: Styles


Many down alternative pillows come in different shapes and sizes. You will be surprised at the number of designs and colors available in the market today. There are square ones, rectangular ones, bolster pillows, and even pillows for a newborn infant. In fact down alternative pillows come in various shapes to conform to your neck to support your back.

Down Alternative PillowsPillow filling is important if you are prone to allergies. Natural down from actual geese look like dandelion fluff upon closer inspection, and can carry a weight of dust, dust mites, and a lot of other particles that give it its fluffy appearance. This can be a great disadvantage if you or your family has asthma or other sorts of bronchial conditions.

To remedy this situation without detracting from your down pillow experience, down alternative pillows can give you the same luxuriant warmth and coziness at night without the constant sneezing. There are even down and feather blended pillows available, as well as down polyester fillings that can take away the irritations of allergies, but retain the warmth and comfort of down beddings.

Down Alternative Pillows: Fabrics


Down alternative pillows usually come in the form of microfiber polyesters that are specially created to mimic the feel and softness of natural filling made from goose down. In addition to this, these alternative fillings are infinitely less expensive than their natural counterparts, so will be gratified to part with less of your budget than it normally will cost you with real goose down filled pillows.

With these down alternative pillows on your bed, you’ll enjoy a soft, warm and cozy night’s sleep while assured in the safety of hypoallergenic material that won’t have you sneezing clear through the night.