Down Alternative Comforters

Looking for quality down alternative comforters online? Down comforters are certainly a nice thing to have come winter time to keep you warm, soft, and snuggly in your bed.  These comforters are nice but don’t come without the hefty price tag.  There are a few other choices that you can use instead that match the feeling without having to pay the price you would pay for a normal down comforter. These are called down alternative comforters.

Down Alternative Comforters Explained

True down comforters are made from geese or duck in which many people are allergic to.  In this case as well it may be necessary to try some down alternative comforters that are made of synthetic materials that are mostly hypoallergenic.  These alternative choices are extremely similar to those of the real down comforters.  Some people can’t even tell the difference between the two.

Down Alternative Comforters

Instead of being filled with duck or geese down, many of the down alternative comforters are made of cotton, polyester, or heavy wool.  Silk is another great alternative to regular down.  Silk however will run a few extra dollars but is well worth it because of the extra comfort and luxurious feeling.  The silk comforters are made of silk worms and are also naturally hypoallergenic.

Down Alternative Comforters: Types


You might be surprised once you take a look at the down alternative comforters that are available.  Many of which have their own unique look and feel and you may be shocked at how warm and how comfortable some of these alternatives can be.  Some people even prefer the alternatives to the originals.  Wool comforters may even be warmer than down, but down is probably the softest and fluffiest material on the market today.  If you have tried wool and are not impressed, then I suggest giving llama or alpaca if you suffer from allergies.

Some down comforters can trap dust mites and dust particles easily and therefore can worsen allergy symptoms.  In this case you can look into buying hypodown comforters as an alternative to regular down.  The hypodown comforters are made to keep dust out and not possible to inhale the dust.  These sometimes run more than normal down, but are down none-the-less.

So if you are a cold blooded person who finds it difficult to get warm in the midst of the winter, there are plenty of ways to keep you warm besides having to suffer from allergies or high prices that are sometimes associated with many down comforters.  Look into down alternative comforters on the internet, local stores, or any big named department stores.  There are plenty of down alternative comforters that look and feel just like the real thing, and at a more affordable price!