Double Electric Blanket

When purchasing a double electric blanket, or any blanket for that matter, it would be wise to know just what type of safety previsions and precautions you need to be aware of before you make the purchase.  Sure electric blankets are going to keep you warm at night and may even cut down on your energy bills, but used incorrectly or in the wrong hands, a double electric blanket has the potential to start fires and have burnt entire houses to the ground.

Since these comfortable blankets are built with complex wiring, there tends to be some problems that go wrong at times.  There may be a short in the controller, the blanket could get tangled up enough for the wires to get split, or the wires could over heat, spark and cause a fire as well.

Double Electric BlanketAlways keep infants and toddlers away from the blankets and controls.  Even the elderly may be at danger because they may not understand how to run the controls and can overheat themselves at night.

Double Electric Blanket Safety Tips


Since a double electric blanket is one of the most popular sizes of blankets bought on the market today, here is a rundown of some of the general rules and safety regulations that are included in the tags that come on the blankets themselves.

–           Be sure to keep all the cords and plug ins away from the mattresses and box springs.  Leaving them too close is a potential fire hazard.

–          You should not use electric blankets in sofa beds, pull out beds, couches, or futons that pull out or have moving parts.  The wires could get caught in the mechanisms and split and cause a fire.

–          Never use a double electric blanket on a water bed.  If any part of the electric wire gets wet, it could lead to death by electric shock.

–          Always let the double electric blanket lie flat and do not allow it to bunch up or fold in an unkempt way.

–          Keep kids and animals away from the blanket so they don’t chew or cut the wiring and shock themselves or cause a fire.

–          Don’t use anything that could puncture or cut the wires around the double electric blanket.  Scissors, pins, drills, and nails should be stored well away from the blanket.

–          Always remember to shut your electric blanket down when you are not using it.

–          Read through all washing instructions before washing and never use a dryer or iron on your double electric blanket.

If you see any signs of damage or improper functioning, be sure to unplug the blanket and return to the manufacturer of store where you bought it from.  If it is damaged, never attempt to fix it in any way.  It is better to be safe than sorry, so just trash it and buy yourself a new and safe double electric blanket.