A Style Guide To Designer Leather Jackets

Designer leather jackets are a great piece of clothing that any you can wear, be it mens fashion or women’s fashion. This is because leather is a timeless fabric that can suit anyone as long as the design of the jacket is suitable for him or her. There are many different styles of leather jackets in mens clothing, and picking the right style that fits the man and his attitude is tantamount to pulling off this piece.

When it comes to full-length designer leather jackets, the bottom hem of the jacket must fall around either the area right above the knee, or down to the ankles. Anything in between these two lengths looks awkward, especially on people who are short or have sort legs.

Leather trench coats are those that fall all the way down to the ankles, and are used mostly for really cold weather or strong monsoon seasons. If you wish to purchase a leather jacket that you can wear on a daily basis, then buying one that falls around the waist is a better option.

Designer Leather Jackets Features

Designer Leather JacketsOne other feature of designer leather jackets that can really make a difference is the cut of the collar area. There are those that have long collars that fold down. These are what the old style leather jackets usually have, as popularized by the infamous bad boys of cinema in the 1950s, such as James Dean.

One of the more popular designer leather jackets styles of today is leather jackets that have no collar at all, or is very limited. This is based loosely on the style of bomber jackets, which were first popularized early on by fighter pilots.

Types of Designer Leather Jackets

Designer leather jackets also differ by the type of leather for jackets that they are made of. Of course, there is the kind of faux leather that are thinner and are being used by people who do not live in cold countries. But for authentic leather jackets, there is the pigskin, buck skin, chamois, calfskin, cowhide, lizard skin, ostrich skin, and suede. Buckskin features a smooth finish, and is taken from animals like the deer or elk.

The pigskin designer leather jackets are most commonly seen in the South America area. It has a tan color and is smooth to the touch. Chamois leather, on the other hand, is taken from a goat-like animal called the Alpine chamois, and it is extremely soft to the touch.

Taking into account these things will strongly determine the kinds of designer leather jackets that you buy, and the kind of look that you will be sporting.